What was Effie's (Elizabeth Banks) Biggest 'Hunger Games' Stunt?

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What was Effie's (Elizabeth Banks) Biggest 'Hunger Games' Stunt?
Thu, 03-22-2012 - 11:38am

While most of the main characters were involved in running, tumbling and fighting, dear old Effie faced a challenge even Katniss found somewhat daunting! LOL Check it out here...

Somehow, dodging fireballs sounds more do-able to me! LOL Think you could succeed at Effie's challenge?

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I'm with you, Bren. I'd rather run through the woods than totter around in uber high heels.
I confess that I had reservations when I heard they had cast Elizabeth Banks as Effie. (I was hoping that Kristen Chenowith would get the part) but after seeing Banks in the previews, I think she was a great choice.

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