What YA fiction are you reading?

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What YA fiction are you reading?
Thu, 08-15-2013 - 4:49pm

I found a list of some popular books, here's the link:


I think the book "Out of Play" looks like it could be a good one.  I'm also intrigued by "Two Boys Kissing".  Did any capture your interests?


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Fri, 08-23-2013 - 12:15pm

I recently read The Fault in Our Stars by John Green.  It was excellent.  I can't wait for the movie!

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Mon, 09-30-2013 - 4:29pm

A modern day Steven King's Carrie, with a Twilight twist! Book 1 in the series. Aberrant. Delilah was bullied to death. then she came back for revenge Aberrant, http://ow.ly/7lte8

Book 2 being released October 1st 2013