It looks like another split for Kristin and Robert

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It looks like another split for Kristin and Robert
Tue, 05-21-2013 - 12:49pm

Article courtesy of OMG/Yahoo!

4 Clear Signs Robert Pattinson Is Moving Out for Good
By Matt Donnelly | omg! – 5 hours ago

Robert Pattinson takes his dogs and hits the road ( of the heart aren't easy, especially in Hollywood. Just ask Robert Pattinson.

While rumors started circulating over the weekend that he and longtime girlfriend Kristen Stewart have called it quits again (last summer, anyone?), photos of the "Cosmopolis" star engaged in manual labor would definitely suggest he's no longer living with his former "Twilight" co-star.

Though this particular couple often keeps us guessing, we can't help but notice some rather overt and dramatic clues in pictures snapped of Rob leaving Stewart's home in Los Feliz, California. Here are a few dead giveaways that Pattinson has probably packed up for good ...

Custody of the dogs. Bear and Bernie, the rescue pups that are often photographed with one or both of the stars, rode shotgun with Rob as his pickup pulled away from Stewart's house in photos taken by X17 Online. It's a country song waiting to happen: the quiet canine solidarity as he drives a pickup full of his things through the streets of Los Angeles. Speaking of which ...

Seriously, what's with that pickup truck? We'd never dare to criticize Pattinson and Stewart's casual sense of style. Flannels, jeans, and baseball caps are fine with us when you're trying to remain anonymous! But in a town like L.A., Pattinson's beat up red truck sticks out like a sore thumb. Trust us, there are easier ways to transport your belongings.

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The trash bags. Nothing screams "available" quite as loud as the single man's luggage set — about a dozen trash bags with plastic red handles. Save for one beat up suitcase, Pattinson deploys the college mode of transporting one's band T-shirts and, we hope, the odd Gucci suit. It might be a good example of living simply — but it's anything but subtle.

Robert Pattinson bids adieu to Los Feliz (

The slow and painful city sign goodbye: In a genius frame, one photographer even caught Pattinson driving right past the "Los Feliz" sign, with the dogs, the truck, the trash bags, and most likely a heavy heart.

Do you think Pattinson has shipped out for good?

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Tue, 05-21-2013 - 12:51pm

I forgot to say in the original post how much I love that Robert Pattinson drives an old pick up and packs his things in garbage bags!

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I'm not a fan of KStew by any means (actor or person) but I think they really need to split for good. (And my love for Rob has no bearing, lol!)

I like how down to earth he is, but honestly, he looks a little too grungy here. But hey, looks like we use the same garbage bags! ;)