Rob and Kristin back on?

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Rob and Kristin back on?
Mon, 09-17-2012 - 12:03pm

I just saw this on the Fox news website.  Sounds like Rob and Kristin may have patched things up following her indiscretion with Snow White and the Huntsman director, Rupert Sanders.  Good luck, Rob and Kristin! :heart:

'Twilight' star Robert Pattinson and co-star Kristen Stewart are an item again, just months after he walked out on her, The Sun reports.

Pattinson, 26, was revealed to have had a heart-to-heart with the tearful Hollywood beauty, 22, over the weekend and forgiven her “stupid mistake.”

A source told The Sun how Pattinson had set up home with the brunette once more, adding: “They pretty much decided they couldn’t live without each other."

“Kristen poured her heart out to Robert and told him it was a one-off and a mistake,” the source told The Sun.

Pattinson quit their Hollywood home in June over snaps of Kristen cheating on him with another man — married film director Rupert Sanders, 41.

“Rob can see how truly sorry Kristen is and has totally forgiven her. They really do love each other,” the source said.

The pair are scheduled to appear together on the red carpet in November to promote the final "Twilight" film "Breaking Dawn — Part 2."

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Wed, 09-19-2012 - 11:26am

I had read some rumors about the two of them possibly getting back together the other day, but wasn't sure it if was just talk. I saw this morning that E is reporting the same thing. Guess we'll just have to wait and see -- but if they are giving it another shot, I wish them the best!

Ok, so shoot me... I'm just an old romantic and I love happy endings! LOL