Taylor Lautner gives the audience what they want! LOL

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Taylor Lautner gives the audience what they want! LOL
Fri, 11-09-2012 - 1:11pm

Give the audience what they want, as they say. And when Taylor Lautner visited TODAY Friday, the screaming hordes of young women outside got exactly that -- Lautner's well-defined chest and abs, as Savannah Guthrie showed stills of him, shirtless, throughout the "Twilight Saga" years.


That's one very nice -- ahem... body of work! LOL

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Oh my!! I'm trying not to drool by reminding myself I am *cough cough* almost old enough to be his mother. Wink But he is such a darn cutie pie, even with his shirt on! LOL

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LOL!  He's so nice looking but I always feel like the biggest perv when I admire him!  

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