What are you reading the week of June 22- 28?

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What are you reading the week of June 22- 28?
Sun, 06-22-2014 - 6:08pm

What books do you have going this week-- and last week since we didn't ask about last week?

Also, what's some non-fiction you hope to get around to reading this summer?


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I'm currently reading three books which is very unusual for me. I'm reading:

The Painter by Peter Heller, which I've only scratched the surface of, so far. But I'm not thrilled.

Also, Boy, Snow, Bird by Helen Oyeyemi, which is a retelling of Snow White, with interesting racial elements added. I really like this one!

And I'm reading A Midsummer's Night Dream graphic novel adapted by John McDonald. It's a beauty!

Last week I finished: Primates by Jim Ottaviani & Maris Wicks,  The Shadow Hero by Gene Luen Yang & Sonny Liew  The Sons of Liberty: Death and Taxes by Alexander & Joseph Lagos, all of them graphic novels and Grimm: The Chopping Block by John Passarella. Well, Primates is a biography of three women who studied chimps, apes and orangutans: Goodall, Fossey and Galdikas. I hadn't heard of Galdikas. All were given their start-- or their assignments by Louis Leakey. The Shadow Hero is about a Chinese- American superhero's origin story. The Sons of Liberty: Death and Taxes is about some runaway slaves who work in Benjamin Franklin's print shop and have super powers, though they don't call them that. It's #2 in a series. The Grimm book was fun, all the characters sounded like themselves, but the crime was more gruesome than broadcast tv would allow, which was kind neat.

Nonfiction: I'm looking forward to Matt Taibibi's The Divide, Tom Reiss' The Black Count and Lawrence Wright's look at the Church of Scientology Going Clear.


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Mon, 06-23-2014 - 11:12am

I just started Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater. It was a free offer from Google Play. It's supposed to be one of those "if you loved Twilight then you'll love this..." trilogies, but I'm not really getting too into it. It's lacking something. I have 200 pages to go then I'm going to start Invisible by James Patterson & David Ellis.

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Since I last posted, I finished The Night Guest, which I'm sure will be one of my favourite novels of the year.  It's so much more than a psychological horror/thriller, a story of a woman's descent into dementia and the her victimization, a novel that started off slowly but soon became almost impossible to put down.

I then read The War of Two Worlds by Poul Anderson, and The Serpent of Venice by Chrisopher Moore, which included charachters and themes from The Merchant of Venice, Othello, King Lear, The Cask of Amontillado, and other classics.

Now I'm reading Threshold of Eternity by John Brunner ( the other side of the Ace Double Novel with The War of Two Worlds), and waiting for Diary of the Fall by Michel Laub to come into the library.

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Tue, 06-24-2014 - 11:47am

I'm a big Stephanie Plum fan (actually what my member name refers too. In the books, if you're not familiar, one guy calls her cupcake, and the other guy calls her babe) and the newest one, Top Secret Twenty-One, came out last week and I didn't realize! I love when that happens. So I'll be starting that tonight. :)

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Tue, 06-24-2014 - 12:28pm

 I'm just starting The Red Velvet Cupcake Murder by Joanne Fluke and I'm still dipping in and out of Outlander on my kindle. I downloaded the series as a bundle and at the rate that I'm reading these it will take ages. Unluky 13 by James Patterson should be ready for pick up at the library Wed. or Thurs.


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Tue, 06-24-2014 - 3:06pm
I just finished Evil Reign by Kaelin C. Murphy, great book, god read. Next up is Lone Survivor by Marcus Luttrell and Patrick Robinson.
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Thu, 06-26-2014 - 10:19am
I finished Boy, Snow, Bird, A Midsummer Night's Dream graphic novel and Relish, another graphic novel and a memoir with recipes, that I think are very, very good!!! Now reading Tenth of December and hope to (start and) finish rereading Octavia E. Butler's Dawn by the end of the month. Julia