Christian Bale Visits Aurora

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Christian Bale Visits Aurora
Wed, 07-25-2012 - 11:18am

On Friday, the Oscar-winner issued a brief statement expressing his sympathies to those impacted by the mass shooting, allegedly carried out by James Holmes, at the midnight screening of Bale's final Batman film.

“Words cannot express the horror that I feel,” he said at the time. "I cannot begin to truly understand the pain and grief of the victims and their loved ones, but my heart goes out to them."

I think it's great of him. It's such a tragedy and even though it's not his fault some insane person decided to do this during his film... I'm happy to see him reaching out. 


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Thu, 07-26-2012 - 11:20am

I was really touched by his visit to the victims; he went in unannounced and low-key, reaching out to them as a person, not a celebrity.