Coming in November - Bridget Jones 2!

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Coming in November - Bridget Jones 2!
Tue, 09-28-2004 - 7:39am
If you liked the first BJ, this will be good news to you:

Bridget Jones: Edge of Reason, starring: Renee Zellweger, Hugh Grant and Colin Firth

In this follow-up to "Bridget Jones' Diary," we find Bridget where we left her--blissful and besotted in the arms of gorgeous lawyer Mark Darcy (Firth). With the entry of the Mark's sexy, bright new intern, Bridget's pink clouds begin to turn gray as her attacks of self-doubt sorely test her relationship with Darcy. And just when it seems that the waters couldn't get any more choppy, Bridget's former boss, womanizing heartthrob Daniel Cleaver (Grant), sails into view.

Release Date: Nov. 19

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Tue, 09-28-2004 - 12:23pm

I loved the 1st movie, and can't wait for the next!! I'm always weary of sequals, there aren't many that I've liked!!

Thanks for the info ;)

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Tue, 09-28-2004 - 5:37pm
The book was great, even better than the first..I hope I can say the same for the movie. I know they had to do a few re-writes because Hugh Grants character is not really in the second book and also there was a problem because Colin Firth is actually in the second book as himself, so I'm excited to see how they worked that out...I've heard rumors.....