Dirty Dancing Havana nights

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Dirty Dancing Havana nights
Fri, 08-20-2004 - 3:23pm
Okay, I wasn't expecting much from this movie except I was hoping it would at least be mildly entertaining. Well, I actually turned it off right before the ending, I was so bored. I was watching it with a friend last night and I said jokingly, " The only way this movie could possibly be more cheesy is if Patrick Swayze suddenly makes an appearance." No more than two minutes later guess who comes dancing onto the screen? LOL I definitly think this movie was corny, and not even in a fun way.

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Fri, 08-20-2004 - 4:50pm
LOL, I guess that's a case of, be careful what you ask for! Thanks for the review and I think I'll give this one a pass.

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