Do you have a family movie night?

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Do you have a family movie night?
Mon, 04-29-2013 - 1:36pm

Mariah Carey does!

Lights, camera, action! Mariah Carey snuggles with her pajama-matching twins, Monroe and Moroccan, for family movie night. "’Hurry up Daddy!’ (Ms Monroe, Roc Starr & Mommy Mimi wait patiently watching Shrek Box Set),” the American Idol judge posted on April 23.

We don't specifically set one up, but they do happen. I'd love to go all out and have one in the backyard one night in the summer. Put up a sheet and get a movie projector of sorts. :)

Anyone have one of those?

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Mon, 04-29-2013 - 2:51pm

I have never heard of that but it sure sounds like a great idea. I think it would be so fun to throw up a sheet and invite the neighbors too.

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Mon, 04-29-2013 - 3:28pm

We do have family movie nights, where I send all the boys downstairs with dh to watch a movie and I get the main level to myself :)  They ask to do it quite frequently. 

We went to some friends' house last summer, and they did the sheet/proector movie night.  It was fun, the kids enjoyed it.  I could do without the bugs though!


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Mon, 04-29-2013 - 3:56pm

Yes, we have them quite frequently.  We don't plan them with PJs and such (but a fun idea!), but we usually grab a pizza, lay out a blanket, and relax and watch a fun family movie together.  Outdoors would be so much fun!