The fate of Rose and Jack - Titanic

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The fate of Rose and Jack - Titanic
Wed, 04-18-2012 - 11:41am

Titanic is one of my favorite movies so this article caught my eye.

Did Rose kill Jack by not sharing raft in 'Titanic'?
Would life have been different if Jack Dawson had just gotten on the raft with Rose DeWitt at the end of 1997's "Titanic"?

What do you think? Personally, I don't see it ending any differently; it was meant to be a tragic love story showcased within one of the world's greatest disasters.

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Wed, 04-18-2012 - 4:55pm
Interesting article! I would agree that they both wouldn't have fit on the raft, it wouldn't have held both of their weights. I like the theory that he would've survived if she would've stayed on the lifeboat, because he would've just had himself as a priority after it sank and he was in the water.
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Thu, 04-19-2012 - 8:35am

I am so glad I am not the only person who ever thought about the fact that it was Rose's fault that Jack died. Yes, I do think she killed him and I hope she was miserable the rest of her life for being so self centered.

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Thu, 04-19-2012 - 3:59pm