Happy Memorial Day. . .

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Happy Memorial Day. . .
Mon, 05-26-2003 - 7:27am
We in the US are celebrating Memorial Day today and I was wondering how you celebrate it. And, for those of you in Canada, how did you celebrate your holiday last week (forgive me, I forgot the name of it)?

Here, our town has a parade. We don't often go to it, but we did for years when my dd was in Band in HS, so I think we've earned a few years off, lol! We'll have the traditional WI Memorial Day meal - brats (bratwurst) on the grill, with corn on the cob, saurkraut and a fresh, green salad.

And, since it is a day to remember our departed loved ones, especially veterans, is there anyone you'd like to memorialize here?

For me, it's my father. He and my mother were the perfect couple and the perfect parents. Together they showed me what to strive for in a marriage and as a parent. Dad was a Marine during WWII, but, unlike the stereotype of a Marine father, he was a kind and gentle man and seldom talked about his years of service. Or, when he did, I had the feeling he was down-playing his role in things a lot. He died in 1994 and I still miss him terribly. And, although I haven't been to his grave on Memorial Day in years, I still visit it to talk a minute or two to him whenever I'm in the town he lived in, so I hope that makes up for missing Memorial Day.

Okay, your turn! How do you celebrate, or did you celebrate, and who are you remembering today?


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