Have you seen the ghost in Three Men and a Baby?

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Have you seen the ghost in Three Men and a Baby?
Wed, 04-24-2013 - 2:32pm

Movie Myths: Investigating Hollywood's Biggest Urban Legends

Have you heard the one about the ghost in ‘Three Men and a Baby’? How about those mischievous animators sneaking unsavory imagery into Disney films? We’re taking a look at some of Hollywood’s most notorious movie myths to uncover the truth behind the rumors so you can finally put your curious mind to rest. Read on to discover if your favorite movie myth is true or false!

Bummer about the Wizard of Oz hanging munchkin — I believed that one (and remember going hunting for it at a friend's birthday party!).

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Wed, 04-24-2013 - 4:39pm

I've heard about some of these, the Three Men and a Baby included.  Pretty funny article!  I think people just have way too much time on their hands! 

I had never heard about the munchkin or the Indiana Jones scene a result of him being sick.