How about Actresses??

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How about Actresses??
Thu, 09-16-2004 - 1:05pm
We can't leave out the ladies ;)

Come on, who do you love???


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Thu, 09-16-2004 - 1:47pm
I love Julianne Moore and think she is underrated, for now anyway. I loved her in a movie called The End Of the Affair with Ralph Fiennes, another of my favorite actors, I think he is British. I can't wait to see her in The Forgotten.

I know I won't be popular for this but I am a little weary of Nicole Kidman, she is in everything now I think, but I have to admit she is a great actress. Did any of you see her in Dead Calm? It may have been one of her first roles. I loved that movie too and love her costar in that movie, Sam Neil.

Let's see I can't think of any other favorites right now but I'm sure I have a lot more!

Oh I love Kathy Bates...Misery is one of my all time favorites.

I'm not a big Julia Robert's fan or any of the "cute" actresses like Reese Witherspoon or Kirsten Dunst. I lean towards character actresses. I also like Ashley Judd. I know people seem to love her or hate her for some reason.

I'm sure I'll think of more later!

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Thu, 09-16-2004 - 2:48pm
I like Julia Roberts. She's done some really good dramatic roles, like Pelican Brief and Erin Brockovich, and does comedy well, too, like Pretty Woman and Runaway Bride.

I like Angelina Jolie. I think she does adventure movies like Tomb Raider really well as well as more dramatic serious roles.

Halle Berry is another I like. She was really good in Gothika and was a very believeable Catwoman.

And I like Sandra Bullock because she's such a nice person, LOL! She does comedy in a low-key kind of way I can relate to.

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Thu, 09-16-2004 - 4:36pm
Thanks for your favs so far, keep them coming!!

My favorites are:

Julia Roberts: Of course my favorite movies of hers are Pretty Woman, Notting Hill and Steel Magnolias

Nicole Kidman: I adore her!! My favs that she's play in are Cold Mountains (of course ;) Moulin Rouge, and the Hours. I'm STILL awes struck by that performance!! I haven't seen the Human Stain OR The Stepford Wives yet, can't wait ;)

Sandra Bullock: I adore her in anything she's in, but I loved her Character in A time to Kill, but to be honest, I think she looked her best in Forces of Nature with Ben Affleck!!

Reese Witherspoon: She's just adorable, my favorite movie of hers is Cruel Intentions, I know so teeny bopper, but its my fav, I can't help it ;) I have a feeling she'll get an Academy Award nod for Vanity Fair though!!

Naomi Watts: !!!! She's really growing on me, holy cow!! Her peformance in 21 grams stund me!! Someone to really watch out for!!

Rene Zelleweger: !!!!! I adore her too, of course, nothing beats Cold Mountain, although Bridgit Jones Diary is such a cute roll for her!!

I also like Ashley Judd and Charlize Theron, they're some of the most beautiful women in Hollywood!!



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Fri, 09-17-2004 - 10:32am
I would have to say Rene Zellwigger and Kathyrn Zeda Jones....Ms. Jones more for my husband who has a major crush on her.