How bout your fav.....

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How bout your fav.....
Fri, 09-17-2004 - 1:23pm

Which movie scared the pants off you??????

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Fri, 09-17-2004 - 5:19pm
What Lies Beneath was very scary. And Alien was also scary. Parts (a lot) of Jurassic Park were scary. ...I don't know if I have a favorite!

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Wed, 09-22-2004 - 5:15pm
What Lies Beneath WAS spooky wasn't it!!!

Personally, I found Gothica to be totally freaky!! Also the Blair Witch Project, omg, but that one was more in your own mind. I know lots of people that thought it was dumb and I know some people that can't even think about it without getting spooked, lol ;)