I need your movie going help.....

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I need your movie going help.....
Mon, 07-28-2003 - 9:31am
Dh is going camping next week, or most of next week, and I'm going to stay home (camping in hot, humid weather is not my idea of fun). I'm sure I'll be watching lots of movies - it seems to be what I do when my time is my own - and I'll especially need the distraction if my favorite computer isn't back from the repair guy by then, so I have a list of movies I've heard of that I think I'll look for at the rental place. Let me know what you thought of any you saw, so I can weed out real turkeys, and tell me any you liked that I may not have thought of. I like almost anything, but scary, suspenseful genres are what I most go for. (Just the thing to watch late at night when you're all alone, lol!)

Here's what I've got scrbbled on a scrap of paper:

The Core

Confidence (I think that's what I wrote, lol)


Dark Blue

Life or Something Like It.


Thanks in advance,