L@@K!! A New Folder!

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L@@K!! A New Folder!
Tue, 08-12-2003 - 7:30pm
I had the powers that be give us a Roll Call folder. Here is where I'll put occasional Roll Calls, and where you can go to introduce yourself, if you feel your intro would get lost in the General folder.

And for those of you viewing but too shy to post (Yep, I know you're out there!), you don't have to be going to first run movies in a theater to be a part of the board. TV movies, rentals, even just favorite movies you've seen years ago count! Let me know what kind of movies you like to see. And, if you're the kind who really never goes to movies, let me know WHY??? LOL! If nothing else, just stop in and say hi! Let me know I'm not alone in here, LOL!

And, everyone, is there something you'd like to see on the board? Let me know! Suggestions are always welcome. Also feel free to post questions or polls of your own, they are always welcome.

Now, go down there and post to the Roll Call I just put in the new folder!

Ann (cl-wordyone or sometimes just wordyone)