The Lone Ranger trailer reveals why hero wears a mask

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The Lone Ranger trailer reveals why hero wears a mask
Thu, 12-13-2012 - 9:05am

The new trailer for Disney's gargantuan screen adaptation of "The Lone Ranger" has been released, and with it a little insight into some of the basics of the Ranger legend. While there's still no explanation as to why Johnny Depp is playing a Native American (a bit of controversy that isn't going to go away any time soon), there are some revealing origin story elements amongst all the Western gunplay and derring-do. Check out the trailer!

I have to say, it  puts a totally unexpected spin on the origins of The Lone Ranger, at least for me! This one just went on my "must see" list... well, ok, so the fact that Johnny Depp is in it doesn't hurt, either! LOL

What do you think of the unexpected spin... or was it not unexpected for you?

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Whoa!!! I most definitely did not see that one coming... but I'm intrigued! And yeah, having Johnny Depp in it is another attraction, although I do wonder why they didn't cast an actual Native Americian in the role of Tonto. Guess it's because of the star appeal. 

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Thu, 12-13-2012 - 11:10am

Wow! Now that is definitely something I want to see. I wasn't expecting to ever know the answer to that one. And I have to agree that having Johnny Depp in it helps.


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IMO the reason he wears a mask in this iteration is because Johnny Depp should have been the Lone Ranger. There are many Native Americans who could have played Tonto.