Meg Ryan and her "new image"

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Meg Ryan and her "new image"
Fri, 05-14-2004 - 8:46am

We were trying to have

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Fri, 05-14-2004 - 9:30am
No, I haven't, but from the promos I saw, I thought she looked different. I guess so, huh? Now I don't know if I want to avoid it or get it to see just how bad it was, LOL!

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Fri, 05-14-2004 - 1:06pm
No I have not seen it because it did get pretty bad reviews and I had also heard she is topless in it...DH would like to see it tho for that reason..LOL
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Fri, 05-14-2004 - 4:30pm
I didn't see it either, but I know her newer movie, where she played a boxing promoter was very good, and seemed to stay with the image I know her for.


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Fri, 05-14-2004 - 5:53pm
I saw it!! Horrible! I was looking for House of Sand and Fog a couple of weeks ago and it was out so I picked up In The Cut, thought it may be good. I actually finished the movie, hoping some sense would be made of it but there was just more and more sex..I could never recommend it. I am just glad my dd wasn't watching cause like I told my friend, it was a Meg Ryan porno flick and I think done with no taste. She had such a DULL personality in it too...I don't know what she was thinking! I'm with you, I'll hesitate to watch her in something else unless I know it's better.

By the way I eventually watched House of Sand and Fog and thought it was good but very sad. I normally stay away from sad movies but I didn't know it was going to be that way. It definitely showed there are 2 sides to most situations. Did anyone else see it?