Michelle Obama's Oscar Dress Photoshopped by Iranian Media

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Michelle Obama's Oscar Dress Photoshopped by Iranian Media
Tue, 02-26-2013 - 10:30am

At Sunday night's Oscars, Michelle Obama presented the award for Best Picture. But a photo that an Iranian news agency released of the first lady's appearance seemed to be aiming for an award all its own: best visual effects.

In the image, Obama's dress was photoshopped in an apparent attempt to render it more modest and acceptable to local audiences. Iran's Fars News added sleeves and raised the dress' low neckline. They also weren't too pleased with Argo winning Best Picture.
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I understand it's not unusual for them to alter images, especially if doing so makes it more "acceptable" to their way of life. What I was put off by was the quote

 "Argo is a movie against Iran and it seems that [the deputy for cinema in Iran's Ministry of Islamic Culture and Guidance] Javad Shamghadri was not able to use his lobby to prevent an anti-Iran movie from winning."

Why on earth should they be able to lobby anything to do with the awards? Kinda raises my hackles!