Need help with Child Development Class

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Need help with Child Development Class
Mon, 10-06-2003 - 3:19pm
*This same exact message was posted on other two other ivillage boards and another website.**


This is for my class and I would like for you all to help me out. I want everyone to post ONE thing that parents do that drive you crazy. Then could you post if your are male / female, age and if you are a parent. I would prefer your number one complaint, but anything that drives you crazy will do. It can be anything from parents that let there kids eat candy for dinner to parents that don't care who there children are with.

The goal of this, I am also surveying others, is to see how different ages, sexes and parental status apply to different complaints.

This is meant to help me and my group for this class, it is not meant to start fights. This is an OPINIONATED question and if you see a post you do not agree with, well get over it but don't start anything.

This is due on Thursday the 9th, so any replies that come in after Weds 9pm Alaska time will not count towards the paper. But I will give you the results after the data is done.