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Sun, 05-23-2004 - 12:59am
Anyone use Netflix? I have had it for over a month and I love it!!!!

It has so many movies that are not at your average blockbuster. It's worth it if you rent as much as I do. I pay 21.00 a month and get about 4 movies a week. No late fees, return them when you want and as soon as the post office scans the movie, the next one in line is mailed.

If you read my Japanese Story review, I got it from netflix. It was an Austailian movie. Another great thing is if you want to see an older movie you don't feel bad spending the money on it. It may be a great find if your a movieolic like me.

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Sun, 05-23-2004 - 1:50pm
I tried it for a month free, but didn't keep with it. With me, I've seen a lot of movies in the theater and the ones I really love, I buy, so I had a hard time finding movies I wanted to see that I hadn't seen already, or didn't have.

And when I'm able to rent older movies at my Family Video for $1 or less each, and keep them a couple of days, I just didn't see the sense in paying 15 to 21 dollars a month.

I'll grant you, though, you probably do have access to more movies from other countries and lesser known movies and can find some gems that way.

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Sun, 05-23-2004 - 4:24pm

Just jumping in if you don't mind.....


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Mon, 05-24-2004 - 10:46am
>>>Only problem with some of them is that a lot of them were from before the ratings were in place so like he rented Caddyshack and pretty much regretted letting ds watch it. Oh, ds loved it and didn't pick up on a lot of it and if he did, he kept quiet about it but dh wouldn't have normally allowed him to watch it if he had remembered everything about the movie.<<<

LOL...The same thing happened to us with that movie and Saturday Night Fever. We let our 2 sons watch and I was like, I don't remember this part....Funny how you forget how "racey" those movies were.