New in Theaters - 7/16/04

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New in Theaters - 7/16/04
Fri, 07-16-2004 - 9:31am
A Cinderella Story

PG for mild language and innuendo

A modern telling of the fairy tale, with Hilary Duff playing Cinderella and a cell phone taking the place of a glass slipper.

Starring Hilary Duff, Chad Michael Murray, Brenda Song, Brad Bufanda, Jennifer Coolidge

Running Time - 1:36

Genre - Comedy


I, Robot

PG-13 for intense stylized action, and some brief partial nudity

The year is 2035. Detective Del Spooner (Will Smith) is sent to an experimental space station to investigate the death of a scientist, where a robot is the primary suspect.

Starring Will Smith, Bridget Moynahan, Bruce Greenwood, Chi McBride, Alan Tudyk

Running Time - 1:45

Genre - SciFi


Adrenaline Rush: Science of Risk

Not Rated

Adrenaline Rush: the Science of Risk takes a look at the world of skydiving and base jumping – parachuting from a building, a bridge or a cliff. While providing breathtaking views of skydiving over the Florida Keys, the Mojave Desert and in the magnificent Fjords of Norway, this giant-screen experience explores the psychological and physiological forces behind risk-taking, and the physics involved in these activities. In doing so, it also shows us how risk-taking is part of everyday life.

Running Time - 0:40

Genre - Documentary