Punch Drunk Love

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Punch Drunk Love
Sat, 07-26-2003 - 12:45am
I have been renting a lot of movies latley because I can get them for half off for a month. Anyway I watched Punch Drunk Love. It has Adam Sandler in it. I knew it wasn't his normal film but it was a very weird movie. I like it, but through the whole movie I was just like this is a very weird movie. It had a very independent film feel. So I'm not sure how I feel about it.


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Sat, 07-26-2003 - 7:30am
Hi Colleen! I'm glad to see you back here! (I'm glad to see anyone back here, LOL!)

I hadn't ever heard of this movie. It does sound kind of weird. Adam Sandler in a non-comedy? What is the world coming to?

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