River Phoenix's final movie, 'Dark Blood,' to be screened

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River Phoenix's final movie, 'Dark Blood,' to be screened
Thu, 08-02-2012 - 12:18pm

Dutch director George Sluizer has finally finished "Dark Blood," the movie 23-year-old River Phoenix was working on when he collapsed and died outside of a West Hollywood nightclub in 1993, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Only 80% of the film was shot at that time, so the insurance company wanted to scrap it. Sluizer retrieved the footage; he wanted to complete the film as his  tribute to River Phoenix.

The film will premiere Sept. 27 in front of a guest audience at the Netherlands Film Festival.


There's a trailer at the end of the article, if anyone wants to check it out. In the video interview, Sluizer said he used his own ideas to complete the movie... I'd love to see how he managed to pull it all together. I'm wondering if it will eventually be released to the general public; the article didn't say. Maybe that will depend on the reception it gets at the screening -- What do you think?

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I think it will probably go over well just simply for morbid curiosity. I for one would like to check it out.


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Wow! Nearly 20 years later! I'd like to see it, too.