Starsky and Hutch

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Starsky and Hutch
Fri, 07-23-2004 - 11:18am
I don't know if you saw this while it was in the theaters but I just rented it and watched it and it was hilarious! Just looking at Ben Stiller in his 70's clothes made me laugh. DD and I laughed out loud a lot. College ds and I are watching it again today.
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Fri, 07-23-2004 - 3:18pm

I saw it in the movie theater and I thought it was funny too.


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Thu, 07-29-2004 - 1:24pm
Watched this the other night. Thought it was pretty funny but missed the end. I always considered "Hutch" to be the more strait cop and "Starsky" the goofy one in the tv show.