Thinking about trailers....

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Thinking about trailers....
Wed, 12-17-2003 - 6:47am
Watching the trailer for Spiderman 2, and thinking about some trailers I saw in the theater this past weekend has got trailers on my mind, so tell me your thoughts on them, please . . .

Do you like watching trailers in the theater? Do you think they give away too much of the movie? Have you ever watched a movie because the trailer made it look good, but were disappointed by the whole movie? Just how much attention do you pay to trailers?


I like a few trailers in a theater. Three is about my limit. Then I start getting annoyed by them and just want the movie I came to see to start.

No, I don't think they give away too much of the movie, if it's a movie worth seeing. Sometimes, though, with not so good movies, the scenes in the trailer are the only good ones in the whole thing.

And I think the paragraph above kind of answers the next question. Yes, there have been movies I've been disappointed in because the trailer made it look really good, but I ended up thinking I could have just watched the trailer and seen all the good there was in the movie. Or sometimes, as with "The Missing", the trailer made it look... not so much better than it was, but gave me an impression about it that didn't pan out in the movie.

I pay more attention to trailers in a theater than on TV. On TV, unless the are for a movie I want to see or if they look really good and catch my attention, I tend to ignore them as just another ad.


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Mon, 12-22-2003 - 1:32pm
I am one of those dorks who hate missing trailers, to me if you miss a trailer, but still catch the whole movie, well you were still late to the movie!

I AM getting tired of all the commercials. We went to the movies and there were three previews and EIGHT commericials, they could have played more previews and what is it with TV show ads before a film. Being at the theater they should ONLY show MOVIE preveiws.

I really do not think that a preview gives away to much, all though I do think that some movies, comedies, they show all the funny parts in the preview. I forget what film I saw but EVERY funny part was shown in the preview, there was nothing extra to laugh about other then what I had already seen.

If the trailer is for a horror movie I close my eyes and do not pay a bit of attention. Everything else I pay attention to, I do base what I want to see on a trailer, sometimes I am dissapointed and sometimes not, but since I wait for everything to go to the cheap theater I do not feel like my money is being wasted.

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Mon, 12-22-2003 - 5:41pm
I have to agree with the commericals in the theater I hate them, if I wanted commericals I would watch tv. Anyway, I do love trailer and do feel I have missed part of the movie if I miss the trailers.

I think most of the time I decide what I want to see based on the trailer and yes sometimes I am dissapointed but not most of the time.