Titles, Please!

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Titles, Please!
Thu, 10-14-2004 - 10:39am

Just wanted to offer a suggestion: instead of a discussion title that says "new releases ", how about using the name of the movie?

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Thu, 10-14-2004 - 10:58am
Hi Stephanie, welcome to the board! I understand your dilemma, but just listing titles won't really help, for the same reason that reviews are often hard to find - they get lost in the archives. But just give me a movie you're looking for and I'm more than willing to do a search and find you the info you are looking for.

So, knowing I had reviewed this movie (and loved it), I went searching and bumped the post up for you. It should be around the top of the board now. And here is a link to the imdb page for it, with cast, crew and reviews:


Hope I helped and I hope you understand why just listing titles doesn't always work, especially for older movies. Eventually they, too, would be archived.

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