Two movie reviews - A night of butts ...

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Two movie reviews - A night of butts ...
Fri, 07-23-2004 - 11:19pm
Well, it turns out, I had a fit of brain fade and forgot I had already seen "The Gift", lol! I recognized it within the first few minutes. I just didn't remember those actors being in it, LOL!

So I watched "Along Came Polly" on PPV. I liked it! Very cute and pretty funny.

For those who need to know, there were two implied sex scenes, but they were very tame - no nakedness showing. There were however a couple shots of bare male behinds. (A side of Hank Azaria I've never seen, LOL! And a nice body!! Who knew? LOL)

Then I watched Fourth Story. I liked it, too. I suppose the acting could have been better, but it was okay, kind of funny now and then and had an almost film noir feel at times (I think it was the music). And there was a nice twist at the end - I like that. Also, I got to see Mark Harmon's butt. But that was all the nudity there was in that movie, although there was a scene of them in bed, tangled in sheets.

And, speaking of dumb things, Mark Harmon did one of the dumbest in this movie. The woman (Mimi Rogers?) thought there was someone outside, so brave Mark gets up and goes to see. ...He was NAKED!! He went OUTSIDE!!! With NO weapon!! I tell ya, it takes a real man to confront a possible murderer naked and without even a flyswatter to defend yourself with! ROFLOL!