"Vanity Fair" & "Napoleon Dynamite" ???

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"Vanity Fair" & "Napoleon Dynamite" ???
Thu, 09-16-2004 - 12:53pm
Anyone seen these?

Are they appropriate for kids 9 & 6, do you think?

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I can't wait to see Vanity Fair!! Oh I LOVE Reese Weatherspoon!! I think she's awesome :o)

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I haven't seen either of these, but offhand, I don't think Vanity Fair would be appropriate for 9 and 6 year olds. It is rated PG-13 "for some sensuality/partial nudity and a brief violent image", not something I'd feel comfortable letting my young kids see.

But Napoleon Dynamite may be okay. It's got a PG rating and looks as if it would be very funny.

But, you know your kids better than I and, in the end, it is your decision.

If you go to them, let us know how you liked them!

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