The Village.........message.

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The Village.........message.
Sat, 08-28-2004 - 7:18pm
I liked The Village.

But what was the message?---- Was it that all the "elders" had raised their kids here so they did not even know the modern world exists???

The modern world is "the bad guys"?

I didn't understand - how are these people able to get away with being in a forest preserve & have it guarded????

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Sat, 08-28-2004 - 10:09pm
I think that the message was that the elders wanted to save their childern from the bad things that had happen in the modern world to them. So they made there version of the perfect world. As for how they lived there. The preserved was owned by the main elder, the one who's daughter went into the woods to get help. And I think the guy that was sitting at the desk knew they were in there and paid to make sure no one knew about them. Just my take on it.


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Sat, 08-28-2004 - 10:24pm
That's what I got from it, too. That there was no real message, just a story about a group of people who wanted to create a simpler, better world, so arranged with the town (with the help of some money, no doubt) to let them go onto this guy's land and create "preserve" that would keep others out.

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