Friday's Update - August 10

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Friday's Update - August 10
Sat, 08-11-2012 - 12:42pm

Thomas arrives at the Malibu house and asks Steffy what's going on. She notes he got there quickly and wonders if he was texting and driving. Thomas chides her back, and then asks why she thinks she might be moving back in there. Steffy gives Thomas the run down. Thomas asks if Liam knows she's there. Steffy says Liam is talking to Hope and she told him if he breaks it off, she'll be there - for an hour. Thomas is concerned. Steffy thinks Liam will be coming through that door to start a life together - no tricks and no lies. As Thomas leaves, Steffy tells him she will go away if Liam reconciles with Hope - she doesn't want to be around for that.

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