Friday's Update - August 17

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Friday's Update - August 17
Fri, 08-17-2012 - 6:19pm

Liam wakes up with Steffy at the Beverly Hills Hotel again, hung over again. He’s late for the wedding and doesn’t remember much about the night before. Steffy assures him they did not do anything – not like she didn’t try. Hope calls Liam from and wishes him a happy wedding day. She already has his suit from the cleaners – he just has to get there. He asks if he has time to eat, but she reminds him they are having a luncheon – poached salmon and veal and vichyssoise. He assures her he will be there as soon as he can and hangs up. Steffy finally shows him his new look – purple hair and a tribal neck tattoo. He is upset but it is not permanent. She reminds him not to ruin his great night last night with a little guilt. They speed to the wedding on her motorcycle.

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