Friday's Update - August 24

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Friday's Update - August 24
Sat, 08-25-2012 - 10:45am

At Forrester, Hope tells Rick she's okay. They discuss Steffy and Liam partying. Rick says after Italy, they shouldn't have been near each other, but they're like magnets - that should tell Hope everything she needs to know. Hope says Liam wants to marry her, but Rick says he doesn't want to see Liam hurt her again. Hope worries about being the girl who gets upset over a night out. Rick says she needs the truth - and she won't hear it from Liam and Steffy. He reminds her Liam didn't tell the whole truth about Italy. Hope says Liam mentioned Othello was the DJ that night. Rick reminds Hope what Brooke went through - that's what she's in for if she marries a man who loves two women.

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