Friday's Update - August 26

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Friday's Update - August 26
Fri, 08-26-2011 - 4:36pm

At the Bikini Bar, Steffy expresses her outrage to Liam about Hope expecting him to wait until they're married to have sex. She asks him to come with her. Oliver watches them walk away. One of the Forrester models walks up and kisses him! Once alone, Steffy makes Liam defensive by criticizing Hope's decision. He tells her it's private and tries to make small talk. Steffy says both of them ending up there is fate intervening - just like the night he saved her life. Steffy guesses that Hope got him all worked up and then backed out. Liam protests that Hope is trying to be a role model. Steffy says Hope is actually trying to control him, and will continue to after they're married. She thinks Liam already knows that. Steffy goes on about sex being a celebration, saying she understands him. Steffy warns him against getting dragged into a marriage that won't give him what he needs. She tells him she's falling for him, and asks him not to go ahead with the engagement. They slow dance. Over at the bar, the models quiz Oliver about why Liam is with Steffy instead of Hope.

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