Friday's Update - August 5

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Friday's Update - August 5
Fri, 08-05-2011 - 3:36pm

At Steffy's loft, Bill tells her he's going to be with his wife. He says Katie needs him to help her get well. Steffy says she doesn't mean to be selfish. Bill says she's not, and he's sorry. He reminds her this is an extraordinary situation so he doesn't want her to feel he's let her down. Steffy complains that he can't even say when he'll next see her. Bill says he has to go. She tells him she loves him for doing the right thing by Katie, but she can't wait to start their life together. Bill kisses her forehead and goes.

At the hospital, Katie gingerly makes her way across the room and to get her clothes and coat. She perches on the bed and recalls Liam and Brooke's conversation about Steffy. She calls a cab and then watches until Liam and Hope are out of the way before walking to the elevator.

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