Friday's Update - February 1

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Friday's Update - February 1
Fri, 02-01-2013 - 3:31pm

At Forrester, Taylor tells Steffy about Thomas' promotion to Vice-President and that Hope is still pursuing Liam. They discuss Liam. Taylor reminds her she's carrying his baby. Steffy doesn't want him staying with her because she's pregnant. Taylor says they're already living together, and asks if Liam's been pulling away. Steffy says no, Liam loves her, and she's counting on that. Taylor questions why she's not more excited. Steffy tells her before she left for Paris, she went home and saw Liam and Hope making out in the bed. Taylor can't believe she still went to Paris - why hand Hope that opportunity. Steffy says she wanted him to get Hope out of his system if they're to raise a child together. The child should not be the only reason they stay together - she has to know he feels the same as she does. Steffy's certain they'll be a family. They share a moment over Taylor becoming a grandmother and Steffy a mother. Steffy wants to be married before giving birth.

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