Friday's Update - January 4

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Friday's Update - January 4
Sat, 01-05-2013 - 10:40am

At Spencer, Hope tells Liam, "We were lied to." He hollers, "That's enough! Too much has happened!" He says he's glad she told him, but he and Steffy are closer than when they were married. He reminds her she broke it off and told him to move on - he did. Hope goes on about how they've both changed. She claims to have let go of her fantasy of him being Prince Charming. Liam suggests maybe there's a guy out there who would live up to her expectations. Their conversation continues. Hope says, "I know you love Steffy, but she's not me." Hope vows to prove to him they still have a chance. She says sooner or later he'll realize she's the person for him.

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