Friday's Update - July 22

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Friday's Update - July 22
Sat, 07-23-2011 - 11:01am

At home, Taylor demands that Steffy open the bedroom door. Steffy opens it a crack and Taylor see that Bill is in there. Steffy reminds her mother she's not a child. Taylor refuses to stand there and talk - she orders Steffy to get dressed and meet her downstairs. Bill tells Taylor that he's in love with Steffy and is going home now to talk to his wife. He leaves. Taylor and Steffy argue about Bill. Taylor brings up the fact that he plotted to kill Amber. Steffy explains that away and asks why Taylor can't just be happy for them. Taylor rants that the last thing Steffy needs is an emotionally unavailable man. Steffy doesn't care is he's married, has baggage, or even if he had killed Amber - nothing is going to keep them apart.

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