Friday's Update - July 29

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Friday's Update - July 29
Sat, 07-30-2011 - 9:17am

At Spencer, Taylor tells Liam that some people aren't worthy of blind loyalty, and his father is one of them. Katie says if she's accusing her husband of something she should just come out with it. Liam stammers that he'll try to get Bill on the phone. Katie informs Taylor that she knows Steffy has been chasing Bill for a while, and her concern is a little overdue. When Brooke turns up, Liam drags Taylor outside the office and tells her it's time she stopped butting into other people's marriages. Taylor says he's a little more involved than he needs to be as well. Liam accuses her of lashing out because of her own recent disappointment. Taylor says, "Excuse me?" She informs Liam that Bill has a nice wife at home, and a hot little number on the side. She's going to do what Bill doesn't have the guts to do himself! In the office, Katie and Brooke discuss the situation. Katie makes it clear that she has total faith in her husband's love for her. Brooke wants to find out what Taylor has to say, but Katie says she's done. Brooke leaves and Taylor asks to come in. Katie allows it. Shut out of the office, Liam considers what to do.

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