Friday's Update - November 16

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Friday's Update - November 16
Sat, 11-17-2012 - 9:54am

At Bill's, Taylor and Brooke continue to argue about the possibility of Brooke hooking-up with Bill. Taylor asks Brooke if she doesn't want to see how potentially dangerous this situation with Bill is, or does she just not care? Brooke narrows her eyes at the door after Taylor leaves. Bill returns from a run and Brooke tells him Taylor is convinced she's going to seduce him. They feed Will and Brooke teaches Bill to change his diaper. Bill tells her he was called 'Stallion' in school. They joke around and smile a lot. Brooke takes Will because Bill needs to shower. She tells Bill, "Good job on the diaper change, Stallion." Bill makes a horse noise. Later, Brooke accidentally happens upon a naked Bill after his shower. Brooke hears a horse noise in her head.

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