Friday's Update - September 14

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Friday's Update - September 14
Fri, 09-14-2012 - 5:35pm

Eric snaps wedding photos in the Forrester living room. Steffy and Thomas make a toast to Brooke and Ridge. Steffy says they've taught them all what love is about - reaching out and holding tight through good times and bad times. Thomas says they're a reminder of what they should strive to be. He jokes, "Never make us do this again." Rick saunters over to tell Thomas that Hope could use a friend. Bill eyeballs Liam as he watches Thomas take Hope to get food. Dayzee and Marcus recall saying their vows there and kiss. Steffy approaches Liam and offers to get him out of there on her bike. Bill observes and Katie whispers that he's so smug. She says it seems his little dinner worked out - for now.

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