Monday's Update - August 1

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Monday's Update - August 1
Tue, 08-02-2011 - 8:46am

At Spencer, Taylor tells Katie she deserves to know about her husband and Steffy. Katie scoffs that she and Bill just renewed their wedding vows - the idea that he wants a future with Steffy is absurd. Taylor finally says she saw them with her own eyes. Katie thinks Steffy is just manipulating Taylor, but Taylor says Bill told her himself that he was planning to leave her.

At the loft, Steffy and Bill discuss Taylor's point of view. Steffy doesn't think Katie will understand either and asks him, "What if she won't let you go?" Steffy purrs that he's never going back to Katie as she kisses him. Bill says he has to get to his board meeting, and he needs to talk to Katie - he doesn't like the sneaking around. After Bill goes, Liam shows up. Steffy chuckles that he must know about her and Bill. Liam asks if he's gone to end it with Katie.

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