Monday's Update - August 13

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Monday's Update - August 13
Mon, 08-13-2012 - 5:13pm

At Liam's house, Steffy tells him not to make excuses for Hope - she walked out on him again. Liam tells her Hope will be coming home. She rolls her eyes. "After yet another wedding." She tells Liam someone needs to knock some sense into him. She decides to take him out and show him how to live. At Brooke and Ridge's place, Hope tells them that she and Liam had a good visit and they are planning another wedding that will be filled with good memories. Brooke warns that Liam is a Spencer - he may have issues with her walking out on him. Hope insists he understands that she's just staying there until the next wedding. Pam arrives with some paperwork for Ridge. Hope tells Brooke she's always wanted to be married at Eric and Stephanie's house. Brooke is resistant to the idea. Pam asks why they're planning another wedding and why she moved out. Ridge says they're union's invalid in California. Hope says she didn't move out and they'll soon be together. Ridge tells Hope he'll help make the wedding happen at his parents' house. Hope wants it to be elegant, but notes Steffy isn't invited. Pam volunteers to be her wedding planner. Brooke worries about having it at Stephanie's, but Hope insists. "Nothing will ruin this wedding."

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