Monday's Update - August 29

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Monday's Update - August 29
Mon, 08-29-2011 - 7:15pm

At home, Brooke tells Ridge she supports Hope's decision to wait until she's married. She just worries that she's trying to make a statement about not being her mother's daughter. Upstairs, Hope tries to call Liam. She calls Oliver, who tells her Liam is at Bikini Bar hanging with Steffy. Downstairs, Ridge tells Brooke that Taylor was concerned about Steffy's reaction to the proposal - he hopes she finally learns a lesson about unavailable men. Brooke says Steffy knew they were spending the night together and is beginning to accept it. Brooke knows that Ridge feels caught between his daughters, but Liam is committed to Hope and only showed Steffy sympathy. They talk about Hope's wedding and reminisce.

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