Monday's Update - August 8

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Monday's Update - August 8
Mon, 08-08-2011 - 5:44pm

Ridge shows up at Steffy's loft and says there's a lot she hasn't been telling him. Steffy doesn't want a lecture. Ridge says he came to apologize - he's sorry that she felt she had to turn to Bill for affection. Steffy says he doesn't understand - Bill wants her. She says Ridge's betrayal has nothing to do with her relationship with Bill - they love each other. Ridge scoffs at the idea that her infatuation is love. She claims it turned to love when they rescued Thomas. He says Bill is married. She retorts that marriage didn't stop Ridge from being with his destiny. Steffy says it will take time due to Katie's heart attack, but eventually Bill will leave her and they'll be together. Ridge doesn't want to see her hurt. Steffy tells him Katie paid her a visit. Ridge thinks Bill will let Steffy down.

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