Monday's Update - January 28

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Monday's Update - January 28
Tue, 01-29-2013 - 9:25am

In Paris, Steffy holds her tummy and thinks. She arranges to meet Ridge for breakfast. At the Malibu house, Hope comments that it's strange that Steffy knows they're spending time together. She suggests they take advantage of the situation before she returns. Liam admits he'd like to make love to her all night long, but he can't do that. He says he has to sort everything out. Hope laughs that they should pack up Steffy's things and take them to her loft. She suggests he ask Steffy to move out when she returns. Hope talks about him choosing her and making it to the altar again. She grosses Liam out by joking about what happend to any man who becomes Brooke Logan's son-in-law. Steffy video calls. Hope listens as she says she loves him and will be home soon. When she learns he's not alone, she disconnects. Hope kisses Liam and urges him to put Steffy out.

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