Monday's Update - July 18

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Monday's Update - July 18
Mon, 07-18-2011 - 7:09pm

Ridge keeps trying to reach Steffy from home. Brooke, Hope, and Liam all wonder where she could have gone. Ridge says she feels abandoned right now - she's vulnerable. He wants to know she's in good hands. He and Brooke go upstairs, and Hope and Liam chat alone about how much has happened today. She thanks him for being supportive. He talks about his business trip and kisses her goodbye. Upstairs, Ridge apologizes to Brooke once again. She says all this has hurt Thomas more than her - she has him and that's all she cares about. He expresses more guilt about Steffy, but thinks that Brooke has suffered the most. He doesn't know how he could ever have doubted her. They make love. After, Brooke says she can't believe he's back. He feels they've passed a test.

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