Monday's Update - November 12

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Monday's Update - November 12
Mon, 11-12-2012 - 4:24pm

At the Forrester mansion, Stephanie looks at old photographs and watches Thorne talking to his sisters with a smile. Eric looks forward to Ridge appearing and joining them. Kristen's husband, Tony, arrives and kisses Stephanie. Taylor joins the crowd and Eric wants to try to call Ridge. Steph tells him not to worry. Steffy arrives with Liam, and Caroline and Rick are right behind them. Rick and Felicia whisper about what Eric has planned. Marcus and Dayzee arrive. Dayzee looks upset but pastes a smile on for Stephanie. Donna appears behind them. Stephanie is pleased that Dayzee talked her into coming and hugs her. Pam calls Eric outside where Celtic Woman awaits. He greets the female singers and sends them to the guesthouse. Inside, Taylor and Hope discuss Brooke. Thorne and Kristen join them and they discuss Ridge. Stephanie sits down nearby. She tells her kids she's sorry for interfering so much in their lives. They laughs that she was right sometimes.

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