Monday's Update - November 26

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Monday's Update - November 26
Mon, 11-26-2012 - 3:23pm

At Forrester, Eric has the footage shot at Stephanie's party and debates whether to show it to her. Rick, Hope and Pam urge him to watch it first and then decide. Kristen and Tony's message to Stephanie plays first, and is followed by heartfelt messages from Thorne, Felicia, Bill, Dayzee, Donna, Rick, Marcus, Steffy, Taylor, Pam, and Eric. Taylor talks to Katie about her post-partum depression in the hospital. Katie asks her to help her. They discuss Will and Katie's concerns. Taylor asks if she really wants Will to grow up not remembering his mother's love. Katie feels she's been selfish, and cries that she wants her baby. They see Donna appear with Will outside the room. Donna comes in, and Taylor convinces Katie she did nothing wrong where Will was concerned. Katie approaches Donna and Will, noting he looks bigger. She takes him in her arms. "Mommy's here."

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